Branding operation for an important Venetian dental studio, Oraltech, which saw us at the forefront in defining the logo, corporate identity and visual design, a path that guided the complete development of the company profile.


Identity & Branding, Print


Oraltech Sas



Oraltech Sas has been dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral cavity anomalies and pathologies for over 30 years.

Solèrte Studio took care of creation of the new logo and printed materials such as business cards, headed paper, envelopes.

Technology, Protection & Professionalism

The pictogram was created following the idea of dental care; starting from the extreme stylization of the unit, we arrived at the definitive version of the pictogram, characterized by harmonic and minimal forms. Colors that communicate cleanliness, professionalism, soft lines to underline patients' care and recall feelings of reassurance and protection.

Fresh and Vibrant Visual Identity

Although featuring prominently and consistently in print alongside a fairly straightforward approach to layout, the identity avoids appearing too logo-centric through the details of a light and bold typeface that adds a layer of precision, technicality and authority.