Oste is a Chinese brand of Italian DOC wine, the grapes used are produced in Italy. We helped the client come up with an awesome brand name and then created a stunning visual identity including bottle label designs.


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Creating amazing wine labels is an artform and requires not only design skills but also a sense of culture, history and peoples tastes.

Wine is at the root of culture and branding beautiful wine labels has been in focus from ancient times, it must to look awesome.

Pink Moscato

Packed with the full flavors of juicy cherries, tart raspberries, and sweet pomegranates, Barefoot Pink Moscato offers all the flavors and aromas of traditional Moscato with layers of vibrant red fruit.

Vino Rosso.jpg

Red Black

The perfect combination of silky and smooth, this full-bodied red wine features a medley of blackberry jam and rich black fruits. This  kind of wine wine is an instant favorite with a smooth & lingering finish.

Vino Bianco.jpg


Packing big, bold flavor with a smooth finish, Barefoot Chardonnay brings tempting flavors to every bottle, with notes of crisp, green apples and sweet peaches. Accented with hints of honey and vanilla.

The Power of the Label

Custom made wine bottle labels enhance the image of a winery and help sell more bottles. Today there are tons more wine brands in the market and competition is tough. To make a mark in the store and attract buerys, taste and terrior are not enough any more. Your wine logo and wine label branding are ever more important.