For those who love eating and not just eating, choice and preparation of healthy organic dishes: bio, natural and certified food.


Identity & Branding, Print





The logo is composed by a typographic part, divided into syllables, from the payoff and a symbol that recalls the nature.

The space offers uncomplicated French cuisine, the essence for this project is based on the feeling of being weightless.


Solèrte Studio created the entire brand identity: logo, business cards, posters, menus and photographies. They wanted a very simple concept, giving the word “Food” an strong role and showing it in a very clear way. For this reason, the logo is basically typographic except from the rosmarin plant.

The Result of the Quality

The final result of the Branding is satisfactory and in perfect harmony with the quality of the products offered by the venue. Tuofood adopts the policy of primary products at 0 km. Design and good food, a perfect combination for true connoisseurs.