The Unhabitus project was born as a collaboration between the Studio May Showroom and the course of Fashion Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.


Identity & Branding, Web Design





The brand was designed starting from the concept of the project: recycling used clothes to create a new fascinating collection.

Starting from the theme of recycling, the logo develops with a circular, simple and adaptable trend. All the project started from the logo.

Web & Stationary Design

The Unhabitus website we designed follows the minimalist and clean style of the brand. An e-commerce site suitable for both Desktop for Mobile. Alongside the logo & web design, packaging could not be missing.

Recycle is the Solution

We care about this project because it is based on the idea of recycling. In a world based on consumerism, we at Solèrte Studio are keen to support eco-sustainable ideas. Whether it's clothes, food or objects, you have to think in a cyclical way, we help save the planet.