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Branding, packaging, web design

Selfcare Cosmetics

MINX was born from the desire to create skincare and cosmetic products that could enchant, amaze, and satisfy its audience. From conceiving the name that resonates like a melodious note to crafting the visual identity that stands out as a symphony of shapes and colors, I worked on every detail. The logo, with its clean lines and refined design, embodies modernity and aesthetic consciousness.

The packaging was conceived to be not only aesthetically captivating but also a vehicle of elegance. By using a design that captures the essence of the brand, I created a visual experience that conveys the essence of beauty through every element of the packaging. The website is a digital showcase of sophistication and functionality, designed as an e-commerce platform for users, highlighting the brand's uniqueness.

Through social media channels, we have crafted a cutting-edge grid, educating and inspiring the community. Join me on this journey of design and creativity. MINX - where every stroke, color, and image tells the story of a brand that celebrates the fusion of modernity and elegance.

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