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Identity & branding, print, packaging

Wine restaurant


Research and selection are the key to the new Vintriga wine bar. Founded by two Italian brothers, this place in perfect Scandinavian style, but officially made in Italy, is based in Copenhagen. Accurate in every details, cocktails are processed with Italian spirits and Scandinavian alcohols, submitted by the creativity of the team. For common people, a cocktail is just a nice thing to drink. For us, we see a recipe, a place history, a story that generates emotions. 


All printed products are mainly based on a simple light and dark color scheme. The design is complemented by a simple and minimal style. This extends across menus, wine lists and labels, business cards and website. Although the relationship between concept and aesthetic outcome appears, for the most part, nuanced, these combinations are distinctive, visually interesting and work well to make the complexities of wine feel accessible. Flavour profile becomes an array of texture, colour, material and type in print.

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